a perfect princess uwu updates a lot
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By request, some more rainbow bricks! The spiral one might be a little difficult to copy down but it looks really neat ahhh.

You can edit these patterns to your liking! Please credit me for the original design if anyone asks<3

Princess Peach holding her very own WII Remote Motion Plus. 

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okay, boys and girls, Katt is moving.

she’s completely original and free to whoever wants her.

just come take her.

kittenloveskush answered your post: anyone know how long it takes for vill…

its random but google the diving trick if u have a wetsuit

I know that trick. I was wondering how long after you get your permit that they begin to actually request them

I don’t want to do the diving trick if I know they aren’t going to request anything.

birdthenerd said: Every time I see this in my tag I get mad I hate your stupid green hipster filter I hate everything I hate strertpass I hate

im so hipster B)

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anyone know how long it takes for villagers to start requesting PWPs?

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julian u dumb fuck

that shit just happened

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Tried making a thing for Sarah’s new town of Noodles which is the BEST TOWN NAME EVER. Everyone else can go home. I’ll fix it more later heheheh

hey bird

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I thought I accidentally streetpassed myself but nah all these bitches love me.